Building an All-New Brand

American e-Rate Solutions

The Problem

We have benefited greatly from Amina’s excellent eye for detail and innovated concepts. Her artistic talents and her designs made a huge impression on our target customers. We were able to bring on-board many new clients because of her.
— Jill Stone, CEO, American eRate Solutions

American e-Rate Solutions reached out to me to develop a brand identity and build presence in the education market. The new company wanted to create a brand that conveys its values and its mission to its target audiences as well as develop a marketing plan liable to generate the first client leads. 

The Solution

I translated the powerful mission and objectives of American e-Rate Solutions into a corporate identity representing education, growth and sustainability. I developed the new brand identity package, a brand-aligned and integrated marketing plan and a set of appealing marketing content and material ready to support the launch of the company. The launch included a website, PR, email campaign, social media and print promotion.

The Results

The launch of the new brand was successful. American e-Rate Solutions gained a high profile as a strong player in its sector and signed up a more-than-expected number of new client accounts. The presence of the company in trade fairs and events generated positive impressions.