Branding – Or the Art of Storytelling

A brand is that story you make your audiences live and remember. It is about them. It is about their experiences with your brand and their lasting relationship with you.

Equipped with strategy, creativity and a set of languages, I can help you develop a unique brand story that engages your audiences and guides their choices for years to come. 

And if you wish I can also help you translate your brand strategy into type, colors, visuals, copy or even into a linguistically- or culturally-diverse market.

Your small budget does not necessarily have to be a hindrance. I can work with you to find the optimum formula for you to have a distinctive and strong brand out in the market. 

My branding services include the following: 

  • Brand assessment/audit

  • Brand strategy and planning

    • Brand positioning

    • Brand messaging

  • Brand design

    • Brand image assessment

    • Brand design and rollout across marketing material (print, online, broadcast, etc.)

    • Brand design and concept across environmental touch points (interior, exterior)

  • Brand follow-up and training 

    • Follow-up of branding and marketing strategies with internal teams

    • Employee training and workshops


Browse on to get an idea of some of my branding work.

I help you tell stories that inspire, engage and inform your target audiences at your different brand touchpoints.