Translating Language, Ideas and Cultures

As a native of the MENA region and with a background in professional translation and international relations, I can provide you with deep insights into the culture and languages of the area. 

Translation for me is not a mere word-for-word transposition of a linguistic code into another. It is the expression of specific languages, cultures and attitudes into their equivalents in other value systems. 

I am fluent in Arabic, English, French and Spanish. Through a thorough process of transcreation, I can help you bridge the cultural gap and can help your local and international audiences relate better to your copy and your brand message.

My translation services include:

  • Translation and transcreation
  • Interpreting 
  • Copy adaptation (from/to: Arabic, English, French and Spanish)
  • Subtitling


Brands can better transcend cultural barriers once they start speaking a foreign language like the natives.